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Bed Bugs!

How would you like to have your own personal Pest Exterminator? Here at Enviro-Works you will be assigned one pest professional to your account. We will offer a 100% Guarantee to eradicate your bed bug issue. This means you will receive any additional treatment in between your scheduled services at no additional cost. With over 15 years of experience Enviro-Works will find what works for you!

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Our Industrial Leading Bed Bug Extermination Methods

The first step is to do a thorough Inspection

Bed bugs can be a tricky pest to eliminate from your home. Our Tech will find the nest or infestation area and any other contaminated areas where there may be bed bug activity. We will address those areas and do any preventative treatment to protect other areas of your home.

Lets Find What Works!

  1. Steam Treatment- Safe, effective treatment that utilizers the power of high-temperature steam. Teaching upwards of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, steam treatments will kill all bed bugs and eggs that come into contact with it.  
  2. Heat Treatment- Safe, effective process that increases the temperature throughout your house to a level that will eliminate any bed bug.
  3. Residual Pesticide Treatment-Traditional products or organic products that uses residual insecticides to combat infestation areas including mattresses, bedroom furniture, dressers, couches, bed frames, chairs, and other problem areas.
  4. Freezing Treatment - Enviro-Works is one of the first pest control firms to bring this innovative and effective non toxic pest control treatment to Ohio. Co2 is a non-toxic new treatment for pest control that kills pesticide resistant bed bugs and most insect pest in all life stages by rapid freezing.    

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