EnviroWorks is the Leading Mold Remediation Service Specialist in the Midwest. EnviroWorks has customized an inspection and sampling process that will outline a solutions that is the most detailed in the industry. EnviroWorks does not follow the standard we set the standards by going above and beyond by using Thermal Imaging, Moisture Meters, Diagnostic Tools, Pressure Differentials, and Air Flow Analysis to quickly and accurately identify the source of your mold issue. Our certified service professional will execute a customized plan to eliminate the root of the problem and create a safe environment for work or living. We offer a full restoration contracting service which includes dry-wall, framing, waterproofing, and ect.


Mold Containments & Isolation:

Our process starts by setting up negative air units in the contaminated area. This will ensure the air quality is safe to breath before your remediation starts and after your remediation is finished. During this process we will contain the contaminated area by isolating the mold. This also helps us control our work area and prevent mold spores from escaping during the process.

Mold Removal:

The next step will be to remove all contaminated materials that can not be saved from the isolated area. To ensure all dry spore removal has taken place during your remediation we will use a specialized vacuums to eliminate all dry spores before wet spore removal begins.

Wet Spore Removal Option One:

  • Standard Removal: Starts by agitating the mold effected surfaces with a wire brush and a all natural mold disinfectant is applied to the surface to eliminate mold growth.

Option Two:

  • Dry Ice Blasting - Is a all natural approach that will seemingly melt the mold away.  This organic approach is the new and most effective way to eliminate mold growth from any surfaces.


A mold resistant coating (white or clear) is applied to remediated areas to prevent future mold re-growth. The Encapsulate contains an anti-microbial agent that protects surfaces for up to 10 years.

Clean Up/Break Down:

Our trained technicians will use a meticulous process to ensure that the isolated area are broken down in such a manner that cross contamination will not exist. All areas will be disinfected and cleaned before breakdown will begin to prevent this from happening.  


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