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Is the chill gone, or is winter still here?  

Watch out homeowners, as your home has most likely been put to the extreme test this year with record low temperatures, causing your furnace to work in excess to the extreme cold weather. These elements can be a dangerous combination to your homes wellbeing. Many homeowners this year came home to busted pipes and inches of water in their home. So I would like to touch base on prevention strategies, causes, and solutions. The cause of many issues in a home comes from one simple idea and energy saver. Insulation! This simple idea is the most important element when fighting the cold for a home. There are three types of insulation that you can choose from Bat insulation, Blown insulation, and foam insulation. The top rated insulation you can install is spray foam, as this will have the highest R-Value in any condition. This means that spray foam will be able to get wet and will not affect its R-Value where all other insulation would be ruined or the R-Value would be lessened. By using a cheaper method to insulate your home it could cost you more in the future than you realize. Using a cheaper substitute like Bat insulation and Blown insulation has raised many concerns this year with the low temperatures. With building codes being met homeowners still are having major problems. These problems are caused by cheap building practices, Air gaps are found between joints, no tyvek wrap, and minimum insulation value on the exterior/interior of the home. This will cause drafts in combination with freezing temperatures will cause your pipes to freeze. As your newly built home settles you will find the Blown insulation will settle as well causing draft.  Where there is a draft there will be mold. Mold? The purpose of insulation is to keep your heating and cooling bill down but it has a greater function for your home. It will condition your home to have the same Relative Humidity during the summer or winter, wet or dry. If the house is not conditioned you will have mold growth in the walls where cold air can reach a warm surface or vise versa. Areas of concern are the garage or porch where these areas become an extension of your home or entertaining areas. These areas are also extras when getting your house built and can be made cheaply where corners can be cut. When your walls are not insulated properly to handle cold temperatures or hot temperatures this will have many affects on your home. This has a direct correlation for moisture issues in the attic and you will have mold growing on sheeting. This will also cause Ice damming on your roof. This will take a decade off the life of your roof and will cause your gutter system to be compromised by the extra weight of the ice.   These are the facts when dealing with your home, you need a strong foundation to build a home but you will need to preserve the structure by having proper insulation in your home. Without proper insulation you will be prone to bursting pipes, flooding, mold, structural and framing rotting, ice damming, gutters damage, and high heating and cooling bills. These are the facts, so make the right choice!!!!