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Our organic approach will be outlined by your Environmental Tech that will walk you through an "Implemented Pest Management" programs. With over 15 years of field experience Enviro-Works treats your home with botanical oils, tree extracts and natural minerals that will provide excellent control of pest invaders, eliminating the need for synthetic pesticides.

Complete Solution Program

Is your personalized on going service program designed to "Work" for your specific needs and it represents your best value for your pest problem and recommend the proper frequency and intensity of service for a successful solution. This is a proactive solution to keeping you and your family free from the common pests in your area; Carpenter Ants, Small Ants, Wasps and Hornets, Spiders, Mice, and Rats.

General Pest Solutions

If you are dealing with occasional invaders, or seasonal pests that are causing problems on the interior or exterior of your home, this program may be for you. General Pest programs cover an ultra wide variety of different pests that you may be dealing with. We can guarantee that we have the solution for you. We will customize your package to fit your pest you are dealing with.

Bee and Wasp Programs

These programs are generally covered under the Complete Exterior Solution Program, but can be scaled back to cover our little stinging friends only. Generally, bee and wasp programs are setup to tackle what you are dealing with now, as well as preventing this from happening in the first place. We deal with everything from wasp, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers, and carpenter bees. We pride ourselves in total elimination of your problem.

Complete Exterior Solution Program

Are generally setup every other month for the duration of the spring/summer season. Most customers take on these packages due to bee/wasps programs, but we can treat for up to 35 different outdoor pests with the materials we use. Once the weather breaks this is when this program should be implemented to ensure its effectiveness, usually starts in April or May.

Mice/Rodent Program

During your initial service baiting equipment will be installed, this will only be one part of the initial service cost. You also receive a 10 to 14 day follow-up to identify possible entry points, and rebait stations that are active. Each baiting station will be safe for you, your family and pets as it will be under lock and key. We highly recommend an every other month system to break up reproduction cycles. The products we use force the mice or rodent outside to look for a source of water where they will expire-outside of the home. The ultimate goal is to seal off entry points after we feel your home is rodent free.   

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