Water Damage 

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Even a little water, moisture, and humidity can cause thousand of dollars of damage.

Chronic water and moisture problems can range from ground or surface water entering your home due to improper ventilation that causes a buildup of moisture over time. Most moisture builds up due to improper R-value for insulation, water will condensate due to dew- point where hot and cold air meets. This is the reason for burst pipes in the winter in new built home. Fortunately, this damage is preventable if proper waterproofing efforts are made to safeguard your structure.


Our first step will be addressing any source of the moisture and/or water by using moisture a meter to test any materials that have been affected, inferred camera, hydrometer to test the moisture in the air, and visual inspections of the exterior of the home and interior. This will than be put into a 50 point inspection which will include your roof, attic, walls, basement, crawl space, and grading of the property. We will than conduct air quality testing to address the source of the moisture and damage it has caused to the air. This is especially crucial for children, elderly, and people with allergy's. Once the we preform any remediation we will do post sampling to ensure the air quality is at normal levels and the source of moisture/water has been addressed.  

  1. Address the Source of the Problem
  2. 50 point inspection
  3. Air Quality Testing
  4. Formulate A Complete Solution


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